Who Is Keenan Eriksson?

Years ago, my health crashed. Since Then, I’ve learned to heal. Now, I share that knowledge with others so they can face their fears. 

In 2017, I went from being a top Crossfit athlete to a borderline bedridden mess, more-or-less overnight. On an otherwise normal day, I got in the dry sauna and triggered a 3 hour long panic attack. From that point onward, I dealt with strange anxiety, heart palpitations, chronic and severe fatigue, and a number of other issues. Despite the fact that chronic disease often lasts decades, I was able to heal in 2 years. By using a mixture of functional medicine and modern psychology, I was able to overcome the fear and complexity of chronic disease. 

My aim here is simply to share what I learned. We all have so much potential, and fear stands in our way. Fear of failure, fear of disease, fear of suffering, and fear of our own success. Through a mixture of cultivating bravery and taking care of our physical body, I believe we can unlock powers we never imagined possible. If you want more from your life, I hereby invite you to join me on my quest against fear and physical limitation. Welcome to my tribe. 

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