Looking For More?

1. Learn how to optimize your mind and body.

Over the past several years, I’ve learned how to overcome panic disorder, chronic fatigue syndrome, and become an athlete again, all while creating a business as a freelance coach and copywriter. The content on this site consists of the best fitness, health, mindset, and productivity tools I’ve used to not-only heal, but create the best life I could have ever imagined. It’s my belief that we can all create the lives of our dreams regardless of our starting point. Here, I hope you can find everything you need to do the same. 

2. Hire Me For Coaching

Before my health crashed, I was training to become a Crossfit Games Athlete. My motto, before, during, and after my health crisis has always been “Do the hardest thing you possibly can that would also provide the most value.” This has led me on a never ending journey of self-improvement, not just at the level of the physical, but at the level of the mental and spiritual as well. If you are struggling with difficult life problems, whether they be physical disease states such as fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome, I can help you. If you are seeking the highest levels of physical achievement, such as a spot on The Crossfit Games podium, I can help you. Or if you want more from your life in career, personal relationships, or spiritual alignment. I can help you. For coaching inquiries, email me at kerikssonconsulting@gmail.com .

3. Affiliate relationships.

Health and fitness has been a huge part of my journey to heal, and there are many powerful brands out there whose products I both love & support. One of my favorite ways to help my readers is to connect them to powerful products that can improve their lives. I only recommend things I personally believe in and use, such as Heart & Soil desiccated organ supplements or The Coach App, but if you your products would be a good fit with my website, email me at keenanerikssonfitness@gmail.com